Improvisation: Learning the Language of Jazz and Other Styles

Styles Jazz, Pop, Classical, Hip-Hop,
Skill Level All Levels
Pricing 30m = $50; 45m = $70; 1hr = $90

My pedagogy is based on the notion of music as a language. The are two principle areas I work on with each student: (1) Their skills as musicians (ear training, understanding functional harmony, sight reading skills) and (2) Their skills as pianists. By training a student aural abilities to recognise notes, chords, progressions, this helps to build an emotional connection to playing which can then expressed through the instrument.

Lessons are tailored to the individual student, with clear structure designed to meet your individual goals and ambitions.
My pedagogy provides a platform for learning how to improvise, compose and develop the student's personal voice. Choose from 30 minute, 45 minute or 60 minute lessons in the comfort of your home.

I have over 10 years experience working with students from beginner, intermediate and advanced levels. I worked as lecturer at the Australian Institute of Music, prepared students who went on to be successful at tertiary level auditions (Monash University), as well as worked with professional musicians.

Lessons are conducted on Skype or FaceTime (or any live stream video format). I have worked with over 20 students for nearly 2 years in this way, and all students have made the significant progress as when I taught lessons in person. I have studied with world renowned artists/musicians, and the success of my learning and outcomes is a testament to the technology.

For prospective students interested in studying with me and curious to see how the technology works, I offer one free trial lesson for 45m.

How Skype Lessons Work:
(a) Setting up a time: We will arrange a time that works within our schedules. We can communicate via e-mail, or mobile phone (using one of Whatsapp, iMessage or FaceTime)

(b) Camera/Setup: You will have your camera set up on the side of the piano, in a similar position to where I would be sitting if I was physically in the room. I will get a clear image of you from the side: your body position as well as the piano. From my end, I will have the camera setup in a similar position on my piano. This is one of the advantages of Skype: You will be able to see, hear and watch me play.

(c) Lesson preparation
I will send through any preparatory material via email. This could take the form of exercises, scores or excerpts from books. As in any normal lesson, these are provided for you.

(d) Having the lesson
Lessons are conducted as usual. During the lesson, I will be making notes for you on what materials were covered, and how these materials need to be practiced over the course of the week (with specific instruction on what to do, how to do it, how long to do it for).

If, during the lesson, I ask you to prepare something that involves you writing or composing, I will ask you to either show me on the camera, or, take a photo and send it to me via email so I can see. The quality of the images is more than adequate for me to clearly see the work.

(e) After the lesson
I will send you an overview email with the notes written in the lesson. If you have any further questions, you are very welcome to contact me via email or phone. If the matter can be dealt with simply by email, I will write the response. If it needs a further explanation, we can schedule a call.

I write this to assure students that I am be available at all times for you, as I would be if we are in the same city. Where required, I will send you any additional materials via email, which are to be practiced. I provide all materials for lessons. Where necessary, I will direct you to the relevant resources whereby you can obtain the information required for lessons / practice.

For further enquiries, and to book your first FREE TRIAL Lesson, please contact

Further Information:
(i) Who can take Skype lessons? What age / level is appropriate?
Answer: Anyone! Age / level is no barrier with technology, just as it isn’t with in person lessons. have worked with children (as young as 6 years old), teenagers, adults, all of whom are at different levels (including beginners). Lessons via technology require the same commitment and dedication as in person lessons.

(ii) Why Skype Lessons Work
The standard of cameras and audio equipment fitted out in basic laptops, tablets and even mobile devices has evolved to an incredibly high quality. The technology is perfectly capable of streaming and transferring information / video / images and dialogue in real time, so as to enable a real and meaningful connection between two (or more) people in the digital realm

(iii) Benefits of Skype Lessons
Students will be having lessons with me in my studio. The camera is set up in such a way that the student can clearly see and hear me perform along side them in real time. Students can record or video the lessons so they may refer to them afterwards. Generally with in home lessons, there is only one piano, and instructions are mainly given verbally or by swapping out with the student to make a demonstration. Using my own studio means the student has access to carefully watching the nuances in the physical components of playing, and can follow both verbal and visual instructions instantly

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