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Nikil Paul

General Details

Hi There :) I’m currently pursuing my Masters degree in Electronics and Computers. Looking to make some money on the side by teaching music and english, both of which are my strongest suits. I’ve been playing the piano ever since I was 6, and along the way picked up how to play the guitar, drums, ukelele, xylophone and the trumpet as well. Have performed on all these instruments with several bands across India and Oman. My teaching methods may seem quite unorthodox, but the aim is to get you ready with all the skills that would be required to listen to a song and arrange the chord patterns for it by yourself (as opposed to the traditional way of teaching how to read music notes on a sheet). English has also been one of my favorite subjects since school, and I used to work as a ghost writer for a publishing house in India, as a means of second income over over there. Recently gave my PTE test and scored 90/90 in the first attempt itself. I’m will to provide all the tips and tricks required to ace your PTE, but the teaching methods (as with music) may seem a little unorthodox. Please get in touch with me for further clarification.

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