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Ear Training and Sight Reading

Groups of up to 14 participants

Skill Level: beginner to advanced

Suitability: Ages 16 years and up

Pricing: see website

Crack the code of music: learn how to recognise what you hear and write it down and how to vocalise and hear music as you read from the page.

For instrumentalists and singers, this course provides a structured approach to the understanding and recognition of intervals and chords; scales, modes and melodic lines; developing practical skills in dictation and transcription; leading to a confident basis for sight-reading, improvisation and the development of melodic and harmonic line.

Classes will be held in a shared group context, using sol-fa as a tool. This method helps students to develop relative pitch, so that they are able to identify relationships between melodies and chords. It also assists with sight-reading for both singers and instrumentalists.

Level 1 classes will cover:
Vocal warm-ups
Scales (major, minor and chromatic)
Intervals (all to major 9th)
Chords (triads and 7th chords)
A take-down (working out simple melodies and rhythms and notating )
Meter and rhythm exercises in simple duple, triple and quadruple meters
Practice sight singing in the keys of C, G and F major
Two-part harmony practice
Sight reading and working out a song.( C, G or F major)

On successful completion of the course, a student’s outcomes should include the ability to:

Identify harmonic and melodic intervals, triads, 7th and 9th chords Identify and sing major and minor scales and modes Sing a minor blues scale Conduct and sight read music from a range of genres including jazz, pop and music theatre Work with an accompanist

Sydney, NSW

Sydney Conservatorium Of Music
Macquarie Street
Tel (02) 9351 1208 or (02) 9351 1240
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