Oren Bresler

  • Bachelor of Audio Production

Oren found his calling within the reggae music scene, particularly in electronic dancehall production which he has over the past 6 years became well known locally and internationally of his in distinct and unique genre. Residing in one of Australia’s most iconic cultural beach locations, Byron Bay, NSW. Oren has grown into a profitable career, which is continuing to foster national and international recognition and achievement. With Oren as The 4’20’ Sound he is regarded as one of the most influential reggae music groups in the Southern Hemisphere and became one of Australia’s most recognized reggae production group to the rest of the world, despite not being Australian. As such in May 2019 Oren overtook an extensive international tour.
Throughout Oren’s musical and producing career, Oren has worked with prominent agencies and companies throughout the world. Oren and his work has garnered him attention from many established Australian musicians and also provided opportunities and development for them. He consistently working with Australian artists and musicians, through his weekly reggae program over the years. Oren has and continues to show high level of dedication and commitment to the development of the Australian music industry as well as providing cultural value.

Ocean Shores, NSW
Also travelling in the local area
0410 681 365


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