Paige Byrne

  • Bachelor of Classical Voice (WAAPA)
  • Certificate II Musical Theatre (WAAPA)
  • Bachelor of Musical Theatre (QLD Conservatorium)

Hi All,

I’m a Singing Teacher specialising in pre-professional and tertiary entrance preparation (but I do teach all ages and abilities!), teaching out of my private home studio in Elwood, VIC. I am also available to travel up to 15kms for private lessons within the comfort of your own home.

I’ve attached detailed information about the classes, and a little about myself below.

If you have any questions or would like to contact me, please feel free to call me on 0418933255, or email me at

I look forward to hearing from you!

Paige Byrne

Private Singing

Through one-on-one tuition, students will develop a higher level of technique and a deeper understanding of their own unique instrument. Lessons are tailored specifically to the students needs, and based on Classical technique (applied to various styles of singing) students will learn:

  • Correct breathing technique

  • Vocal health and maintenance

  • Sight singing skills

  • Musicianship skills

  • Stagecraft and microphone skills

  • Characterisation and acting through song

  • Performance etiquette

  • Skills to overcome nerves

  • Audition etiquette

  • How to prepare for auditions

For long term vocal development weekly lessons are recommended.

Private Singing classes are open to all ages and levels of technique from age 5 upwards. Parents are more than welcome to train as well – it’s never too late!

Group Singing

Not quite ready to commit to private singing? Get a few friends together for a group lesson!

Group Singing classes focus on gaining confidence in singing. In these classes students are taught on a foundation of classical technique while working through modern repertoire in contemporary, pop, jazz and theatre styles.

In younger classes, technical exercises are integrated through warm-ups and games to keep classes engaging and challenging. Students will also develop a basic level of musicianship with a specific focus on rhythm, solfege (do-re-mi…) and harmony. These classes focus on performance and expression in music, and encourage group and solo singing in a safe and encouraging environment.

Older classes put more of a focus into more advanced techniques of singing, delving deeper into breathing and postural exercises and specific vocal techniques relating to range and style. Students perform pieces with a heavy focus on ensemble work and a high level of harmonisation.

About the teacher:

“Originally from Perth, Paige completed a Bachelor of Music (Classical Voice) and a Certificate II in Musical Theatre at WAAPA, before moving to Brisbane to commence a Bachelor of Musical Theatre at Queensland Conservatorium Griffith University. During her time in the course, Paige has performed the leading roles of and Milly Pontipee in Seven Brides for Seven Brothers, and Marmee in Little Women the Broadway Musical, and has performed in Company, Godspell, West Side Story, Con2theCabaret: Body and Soul, and Fame the Musical. Paige was invited to perform as a guest soloist in Queensland Pops Orchestra's Rhonda Burchmore on Broadway (2016), and Broadway on Screen (2018), and was recently selected to perform as a backing vocalist with Patti LuPone as part of her concert series Patti LuPone: Don't Monkey With Broadway.

Previous to her studies in Brisbane, Paige was selected to perform as part of Matthew Lee Robinson's workshop concert series, New Voices. Other credits include Brett Dean's Vexations and Devotions (world premiere) at the BBC Proms, the Melbourne Commonwealth Games Opening Ceremony, and recording with ABC Classics as part of Gondwana Choirs.

Currently residing in Melbourne, Paige is well regarded as a highly skilled and versatile vocalist and actor, with strong musicianship skills.

While Paige offers singing lessons to all ages and abilities, her strength is in professional audition preparation with past students gaining entry to Classical, Musical Theatre and Jazz degrees at various tertiary institutions around Australia."

Why Singing?

With the arts industry as it is, the need to be a true “triple threat” performer and be skilled in dancing, singing and acting is so vital to successfully navigate a career in performing arts. So many performers, myself included, trained only in one facet of the arts to come back at a later stage to re-train to gain true versatility and to further their careers. I have a friend who studied a Bachelor’s degree in Acting, but is now working professionally as a Singer, an Opera Singer who’s now getting steady work as an Actor, and another who trained as a Dancer but was made the Vocal Captain of the production she was working on due to her past training in music. While they specialised in tertiary, the foundation training they received when they were younger is what got them the performing job they are in now. Those heading into a career in performing arts need to make your selves as employable as possible through versatility and a strong foundation of training to have the best possible chance to succeed.

Singing doesn’t only offer you a future career path; it enriches your every day life as well. In taking regular singing lessons, students gain confidence in themselves, which translates into other facets of life such as public speaking, elocution, interpersonal skills and leadership abilities to name a few. Singing classes create a special kind of kinship and bond among students as they are constantly putting a little bit of themselves in their own unique voice out there, and in doing so pushing through not only physical but mental boundaries to improve.


Our son (13 years old) has been taking lessons with Paige for 3 1/2 years. As a parent it is a joy to see your child challenged to step out of their comfort zone and grow positively from the experience. Paige has a unique ability to connect with each of her students and nurtures their progression in such a positive and supportive way. She even spent time helping him to prepare for his dream role as a T-Bird in an upcoming production of Grease. Despite him believing he would be too young to be considered for the role, she encouraged him to embrace the opportunity, immerse himself in the character and the experience. He nailed the audition and was cast in the role he was aiming for. Paige's students are lucky to have such a committed teacher who is so generous with sharing her immense knowledge, experience and time. – Jo Richards

I took private vocal lessons with Paige in order to build my confidence, build my technique in classical and musical theatre vocals and prepare for some very important upcoming auditions. Not only were her lessons fun and enjoyable, I felt immediately comfortable in her classes. I have come leaps and bounds under her training, am a much more skilled performer and I am so much more confident and happy in every day life because of it! I would recommend everyone looking for a teacher to go to Paige, you won’t regret it! – Olivia, 25

Singing lessons with Paige improved my technical and performance abilities, and each lesson I left feeling inspired and encouraged to seek new opportunities, work hard and chase my dreams. Her guidance, and mentorship is invaluable and I could not recommend her enough. – Laura, 18

Paige is a teacher whom greatly cares about her students. She challenges them, but always makes sure they are having fun. Paige encourages and inspires her students everyday due to her complete commitment to her own dream and voice. While I only studied with her briefly in both a group and private setting, she inspired me to audition for classical voice at WAAPA. I can honestly say I would not be doing a degree of a lifetime without her tutelage. In the year I spent learning with Paige, she taught me to have confidence in all aspects of my performance. She always has her students best interests in mind and as a student herself understands the pressures that you can be put under. Paige has been a great teacher and friend, and I can always rely on her for some inspiration – even when she’s on the other side of the country! – Megan, 20

Not only does Paige have a natural bubbly and friendly personality that creates a comfortable and fun environment for students of all ages, but she also values her students highly. I took group lessons from Paige for 3 years and did several private lessons. During this time, she has helped me improve my performance skills and helped my technical aptitude as a vocalist. Paige’s years of vocal and performance training are clearly used to bring knowledge and skill into her lessons. My range has notably increased since attending her lessons, and she has helped me prepare for auditions, countless school assessments, and theatre and vocal performances. Paige inspired me and gave me the confidence to audition for the Queensland Conservatorium in 2018, which I would never have been able to do without her encouragement and mentorship. She still remains someone I call a friend and can go to for help whenever I need. I highly recommend Paige to anyone looking for a singing teacher; she is truly worth it! – Daniel Lelic, 17

Elwood, VIC
0418 933 255

Details last updated on August 1, 2020