Paoley Li

  • Masters of Teaching
  • Bachelor of Music (Honours)
  • L.mus.A
  • A.mus.A

I have a fully resourced music studio in Chatswood called 'Be Natural Music School' and am extremely passionate about working with each student individually to develop the necessary music skills they will cherish for a lifetime. I am a dedicated teacher who will make lessons enjoyable and rewarding whether you seek to play piano for leisure or at a performance level. I have been working with students one on one as well as in small groups depending on the type of lesson being learnt. I offer classical piano, contemporary piano, violin, musicianship lessons and accompanying services for students sitting exams or auditions.

Some Student's Achievements (no result lower than a B):

2011 Angela received 99/100 for grade 1 musicianship
2012 Tim received 98/100 for grade 1 musicianship
2012 Tim recevied 97/100 for grade 2 musicianship
2013 Nathan received an A for grade 2 piano
2013 Jacinthe received an A+ for grade 2 piano
2014 Georgia received an A+ for preliminary piano
2014 Janine received an A for grade 3 piano
2014 Jacinthe received an A for grade 3 piano
2014 Kate received 100/100 for grade 1 musicianship
2016 Georgia received 90/100 for grade 3 musicianship

My Awards and Experiences:

2013 Masters of Teaching (Music)
2013 Composition was broadcast on radio station 102.5 FM as part of the Young Virtuosi hour
2011 Distinction for Honours Thesis and concerto performance with UNSW Orchestra
2011 3rd place in the Wenkart Foundation Award. City of Sydney Eisteddfod
2010 Performed at the Bad Bertrich Piano Masterclass in Germany
2010 2nd place in the Wenkart Foundation Award. Sydney of Sydney Eisteddfod
2006 L.mus.A
2005 8th grade violin with distinction
2004 A.mus.A

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Private Music Studio
Chatswood, NSW
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