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Qualified experienced teacher with 20 years of experience, Concert Soloist, Virtuoso Violinist, Violin teacher., International performer and instructor

Teaching the most efficient methods of violin playing for students from all age groups from beginner to highly advanced by concertmaster and soloist. Parham Ahmadian, a classical violinist, and concert soloist, with years of experience performing with multiple prestigious orchestras around the globe, offers discounted lessons to students of various age groups; from beginner to highly advanced performers. He has special interest and expertise preparing advanced pupils and gifted violinists for international violin competitions, most of whom are multiple gold medalists. He continues to teach various effective methods to a limited number of students.
IMPORTANT NOTE For students looking for a competent music teacher:

Unfortunately, Most Violin Teachers lack the fundamental knowledge of performing and teaching, being unable to demonstrate and teach correct techniques correctly. Most methods taught by many music instructors are utterly ineffective and slow. They justify their method and prolonged unfruitful classes by blaming the student’s practice, their intellectual ability or the hardness of mastering the instrument, all of which are, of course, not true.

There are an increasing number of students who are extraordinary in performing technically challenging repertoire_some having only 8 years of age and a normal IQ score_ whose intellectual abilities were well-nourished and nurtured by their teacher. So be mindful and assertive in your search and believe you can reach the same!

“Charging an unreasonably expensive fee is a betrayal to music and disadvantaged students. Sadly many teachers are committed to VMTA (Victorian Music Teachers’ Association) fee for 2017, charging at least $74 for one hour of lesson weekly. This is simply unaffordable for many families whose children are exceptionally gifted… I encourage all of my colleagues to charge a reasonable fee as well, so music would be more easily affordable for those who have financial hardships.”

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LIMITED vacancies available


These details were last updated on December 9, 2017