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We think playing the drums is the coolest thing to do with your time.

When you are a drummer, You get to hit stuff with wooden sticks! You also get to be the noisiest musician on stage AND being a drummer is good exercise as well! On top of that lets face it, everyone loves the drummer!

Our drum teachers have HEAPS of both live and studio experience which has allowed them to become comfortable in a number of different styles.

Our approach to teaching is a super friendly, personal, one on one approach which can be tailored to suit anybody. From those who are just beginning to those who have some experience already. We like to help you set goals for your future as a drummer and work with you to help you get there!

Whether you want to play live in a band, write and play drums for a recording or simply bust out 11 minute drum solos for your neighbors against their will… we can teach you!

Come hang at the Park Sound Factory drum room.

Unit 5
33-37 Durgadin Drive
Albion Park Rail, NSW
(02) 4256 9990

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