Parke O'Dwyer

  • Parke has a unique ability to quickly identify and correct vocal problems. The exercises work quickly and are very effective. It's rare not to notice improvements after your very first lesson!

Parke offers singing lessons using the most sought after techniques in the world. These techniques have been tried and tested and are used by over 120 grammy award winners and countless actors in musical theatre, television and film. You will improve your voice allowing you to sing safely and with greater range, no "cracks," "breaks," or losing strength in the middle connection.

Parke will work with you to allow you to sing freely and clearly with maximum power and clarity.

How will this technique help me?

Training in this technique gives the singer access to all dynamics, with tonal clarity and flexibility.  Also, training in this technique helps improve a singer’s range, endurance, stamina, breath control, resonance, vocal strength and vocal quality across all styles of music without fatigue or damage to the voice. Parke achieves these results by training the singer to find a balance between airflow and intrinsic muscular resistance, all within a resting laryngeal posture.
Can children take singing lessons?

As long as a child is ready to apply themselves to it, absolutely. If they have an interest, the earlier they start, the better. Children are usually using their voice in a natural way that adult students need to re-learn.

Do you teach complete beginners?

Yes, of course. There is a lot of enjoyment in watching new students develop their sound and music style. Students who consider themselves beginners often have natural talent that just needs the right direction, a little encouragement and confidence. The right teacher can help any student greatly improve their ability.

What is the larynx and why is it so important?

When most people go to reach high notes their larynx (the bump in your neck below the chin) goes up. When the larynx rises the body is preparing to swallow making the epiglottis shut over the windpipe. This causes the voice to "shut down" or "jam up" creating strain and discomfort.
To experience this (safely), firstly put you hand on your neck below your chin and find your larynx (for guys this is your adam's apple). Once you've found it, swallow. You will notice that when you swallow your larynx goes up. To show how detrimental this is to singing, next, hum a continuous note (at any pitch) and swallow without letting the note stop... It is not possible! When you sing with a high larynx this is in effect what happens. The larynx goes up making your voice jam up, which means that in order to get the note you want you need a lot more air and a lot more effort, which causes a lot of pain.

Can you help me find an agent?

Yes. I've assisted several students, by introducing them to agents, managers and producers. However, this can not guarantee that you will be signed.

Do you offer the opportunity for students to showcase their talent?

Yes. There are regular showcase performances throughout the year. This is a great way to gain experience and build confidence in a relaxed environment.

Recording Services are also available.

Studio Location - 159a Glenferrie Rd, Malvern

Ph: 0419 316 512

Details last updated on November 14, 2021