Patricia Moran

  • Diploma in Suzuki Education
  • Teaching Certificate NSW Dept Education

After leaving school, I studied at Sydney Conservatorium and Sydney Teachers' College (both now Sydney University) to become a secondary school music teacher. At several high schools in Sydney, I taught class music, trained choirs, vocal ensembles, recorder groups and participated in the production of operettas with another local school.
The Suzuki Violin Method was attractive to me because, in the early stages, emphasis is placed on producing a good tone, learning to play in tune by ear and establishing a sound technique and good posture. Music reading is introduced when the student is considered ready, which is about the third year of tuition.
I have been teaching Suzuki violin since 1979 and believe it is the best way to learn an instrument.
I have studied extensively with Australian master teachers and have participated in conferences and conventions in Australia, Japan, Korea, Ireland and Italy.
I have had the privilege of studying with Dr Suzuki in Japan and when he visited Sydney on several occasions.

Details last updated: February 3, 2023