Guitar Lessons

Styles Rock, Pop, Blues
Skill Level Intermediate
Suitability Ages 9 to 90 years
Pricing $30 per half hour

Have a whole bunch of fun learning your favourite songs with an easy step by step learning system.
Lessons are for beginners from 9 to 90 years young, electric or acoustic guitar.
Your first lesson is Free. Contact me now and claim your free first lesson.

Dear Aspiring Guitar player,
If you’re looking for guitar lessons with tedious formal training…  lots of monotonous theory… and laborious exercises that last for ages before you even start to learn some songs you don’t know or even like… then this isn’t for you.
However, if you are looking for a guitar teacher who:

  • Understands the most important aspect of learning the guitar is to have fun and shamelessly promotes this.
  • Does some good accents including a really good Scottish one.
  • Shows you a unique teaching system where Fun is King and progress is turbo charged.
  • And best of all, achieves all of this by teaching you your favourite guitar songs, then; Welcome, you have found the right guitar teacher.
    After all, the more you enjoy and understand something, the more you want to do it.
    Let me become your guide, guitar teacher and friend that helps you to start your own amazing journey into the world of music.

Musically yours,
Paul Sadler

11 Poincaire Street
Balcatta, WA
0413 587 533

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Details last updated on February 7, 2020