Pavle Cajic

  • BMus(Perf) USYD
  • 2016

Hello, and welcome! My name is Pavle. I am an experienced composer and classical pianist, and also an actively practicing musician. I have 6 years' of teaching experience. Throughout that time, I have crafted lesson structures and models that combine musicianship, whole-self-technique, performance skills, creativity and spontaneity to give you a varied and rich learning experience.

I offer in-depth lessons in piano, composition and music theory. Please follow the links on the bottom right to find out more about each offer. Music education is at its best when it is holistic and students can combine different types of lessons as they wish!

PROMOTING ONLINE LESSONS - a silver lining of the COVID lockdowns is that we've had almost two years of completely online lesson experience here at my studio!

I am promoting my online lesson offer at the moment with a FREE TRIAL ONLINE LESSON :)

In the past two years, we've discovered that online lessons are surprisingly effective and offer many unexpected benefits. Even once lockdowns were lifted some students opted to continue online due to the convenience and flexibility it provided them!

Here are some comparisons between live and online lessons:

Convenience: for those with a busy schedule, the time it takes to travel to lessons - or attend their children's lessons - can be precious. Having online lessons means you can fit that weekly lesson hour more smoothly into your day, or into your child's post-school afternoon. It also means you can spend the time you would have spent travelling warming up and practicing your lesson material beforehand, allowing you to get the most out of the lesson!

Access to teachers: for those living in regional areas or parts of the city or country where they don't have local access to experienced piano teachers (or don't have many local options), the online option means they can access quality teaching from wherever they are, and gives them a greater variety of options to try out to get the best learning experience for them. I strongly encourage you to try out online lessons if you are having trouble finding a teacher in your local area!

Note learning (for piano lessons): in live lessons, the teacher can manipulate the student's hands directly and quickly position them correctly. Though this offers quick fixes, the student may have trouble replicating what the teacher did by themselves.
Online, the student must genuinely understand the teacher's instructions and what notes they are playing to be able to play accurately. This requires a more methodical instructional method, with a clear payoff: it guarantees that the student understands what they are doing and can replicate it in their own practice!


Pavle Cajic is a composer, pianist and trascriber living, teaching and creating on Gadigal land (Sydney).

Pavle holds a Bachelor’s degree in piano performance from the Sydney Conservatorium of Music. He has performed his own and other’s music on piano or as conductor in Australia, New Zealand, Italy, and Norway.

Pavle is involved in a number of initiatives using music as a vehicle for social change or justice, including being on the management/artist team for the Voces Caelestium Charity Concerts (, and a member of the Dreambox Collective ( He also regularly performs with Chloe Chung (artistic director of the Dreambox Collective) as the flute-piano ‘Sidere Duo’.

More detailed biography:

Pavle has been playing piano from the age of 6 and in 2007 got accepted into the highly competitive Sydney Conservatorium High School under the Russian teacher Natalia Sheludiakova. In 2012 he was accepted to continue his studies at the Sydney Conservatorium on a full scholarship and with the top audition mark where he also studied with Paul Rickard-Ford and Nikolai Evrov.

In 2012 Pavle was accepted into the prestigious Casalmaggiore International Music Festival in Italy, where he studied with renowned pianist Mikhail Voskresensky. In May 2014, he performed a solo recital in Auckland, New Zealand as the winner of the 2013 Theme and Variations Emerging Artists Series, and in 2014 he won their Foundation Scholarship to further his pianistic studies.

In 2014 and 2015 he was selected to attend the Conservatorium's newly established Estivo Chamber Music Summer School in Verona, Italy where he toured with his piano trio, St Veaux Trio and studied with renowned pianists such as Acquiles Delle Vigne and Christian Mueller.

He is now a graduate of the Sydney Conservatorium with a Bachelor in Piano Performance, which also included study in Piano Pedagogy.

He is also a graduate of a 'BodyMinded' movement training course which combines principles of the Alexander Technique with anatomy to enhance coaching and performance through mindful practice and movement (Issued by Sydney Alexander Technique).

As a composer, Pavle has written a great variety of works for orchestra and chamber ensembles with recognitions awarded by the Sydney Metropolitan Orchestra and Fine Music 102.5 FM (the Young Composer Award). He has also arranged many orchestral pieces for solo piano and piano chamber ensemble which have been broadcast on radio. In 2019 he was a cofounder of the Sydney-based musician/artist collective Dreambox Collective.

Examples of his work can be found on his YouTube channel

Details last updated: September 10, 2023