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At Perfect Pitch School of Music we are passionate about evolving creative minds through the gift of music. It is our mission to inspire and guide our students, as they explore the worlds of creativity and self- expression.


Paige's Knowledge and Passion has driven Paige, to nurture and guide her students to success. After working within the Music Industry and Music Tuition fields for over 9 years, Paige had seen a great need for Inspirational, Dedicated and Genuine Teachers who aren't in the business for the wrong reasons.

"I wouldn't have discovered my talent, love and passion for music, if I hadn't been nurtured by a teacher who made it her first priority to discover potential and talent and point it in the right direction, so it has become my mission and goal to provide inspiration and direction for my students"

"This is Lucy's third year taking vocal lessons and has gone through a variety of teachers adapting to their own different styles. However it hasn't been until now with you that she has found her voice. With this, I mean her defined style and personality when it comes to her music and singing. Letting Lucy explore her own style while guiding her to improve her vocal skills shows how respectful you are as an artist and teacher. I also want to point out that the method you follow is extremely effective - Lucy has learned more in her time with you (less than 3 terms) than in the previous 2 years. She is always excited about your new exercises and I greatly appreciate how you look after her voice"

  • Tessa (Parent Testimonial 2015)
Florentino Parade Point Cook
Point Cook, VIC
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