Peron Lan

  • Bachelor of music (contemporary styles)

I have been a teacher for 14 years now across countless schools from Primary through to University level. With formal training in Classical and a degree in Contemporary music. Currently working as a music Composer/Producer in a video production house, knowledge of songwriting and technology are also part of my passion, with understanding of instrumentation and the role of timbre to different styles of music.
With expertise of different genres and a very strong background in Jazz and Classical theory, lessons are usually tailored towards achieving maximum potential in the shortest amount of time.
Recently i've been working alongside students in recording their originals and find that the theory is best plugged in through this way of practical application.

‘My end goal is to be able to teach an individual enough for them to teach themselves away from lessons. And for this, no matter what style of music, a strong foundation is essential’

Ascot Vale, VIC
0408 170 766
Point Cook, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0408 170 766


Details last updated on October 27, 2016