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Perth Music Agency

General Details

Perth Music Agency is a unique company that provides music instrumental, theory and aural tuition to all aged school students attending schools in Western Australia. Students are taught individually in a school setting by suitably qualified staff. We believe in starting music lessons at an early age in order to create a love and passion for music in the student so that their development in other aspects of their life is enhanced, for example, in school attainment and in developing their social skills outside of school.

We provide highly qualified staff who are regularly monitored to ensure that students are receiving the best tuition possible.

We’re passionate about music as a tool for self-improvement and enjoyment. Music improves a student’s organisational and planning skills, team work, concentration, self-discipline and confidence. Studying a musical instrument usually naturally improves a student’s academic performance and what’s more, it’s fun!

Did you know? – Learning music requires both sides of your brain to work at the same time – just like maths. Research has indicated that learning a musical instrument can increase your IQ by 10 points.

PMA is providing a service which will increase the appeal of the school to prospective parents as well as improve services offered to existing students and families, enhancing students attitude and ability. The school needs to provide appropriate teaching rooms and advertisement and the rest is up to us!

Enquire – it’s easy, just phone or email us and we can arrange to visit you, answer your questions and get started!

These details were last updated on January 21, 2018