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23 Yeas of teaching experience

73 countries have downloaded
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1000s of students globally

over 30.000 hours of 1 on 1 teaching

Why me -

I have a passion for bringing out the best in students, results focused while having fun. After 20+ years of teaching privately and in schools, I’ve learnt ways to get the best results for my students and to continually grow them as a drummer and as a leader.

What I teach.-

I teach groove and feel. It’s one thing to be able to read drum music ( the dots ). But being able to inject your personality is the ultimate musician. I will teach how to read and understand drum notation but above all how to play in time and how to lead a band. I can also share tips on putting your own band together.

Bands : Current, Lead Worm. Triune. Pete Barter project. Mind Remover. Past, Negative Joe. Many cover bands. Largest audience Live 2000 attendees.
Studio : Many studio albums and commercial drum tracks.

Testimonials. -

“Pete’s company. ETI_ music is one of the best communities that I’m a part of. All of the educators thrive for nothing but the student’s success. All the educators show a lot of support and always go that extra mile. ETI is definitely an awesome community and I have and always will recommend it to anyone.”
Ellis Suridge

Pete is not only a teacher and a mentor to Jacob but he has taken teaching to the next level which is simply Inspiring, Listening, and believing in the students he teaches.
My wife and I are so happy that Pete is part of Jacobs’s journey in something he really loves and the benefits for Jacob with his learning disabilities are enormous.
Thank you Pete for something special.
Steve Kaltapanidis - Jacobs Dad,

“My son has been having drum lessons with Pete for almost 5 years now and he is becoming quite the accomplished drummer He started when he was 9 years old! Pete has a fantastic style that engages really well with kids (of all ages) and encourages them to stretch themselves just that little bit further” - Thanks Pete.
– love your work!!
Tammi Norman

“Pete delivers the dream combination of practical education and true inspiration. As the father of a 10 year- old, university level teacher and professional drummer for most of my life, the level of musicianship and raw excitement about music I witnessed in Pete’s students is unprecedented.”
Mark Schulman ( drummer for Pink )

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