Peter Inglis

Attention Rock - Blues - Fingerstyle - Country - Jazz - Folk and Classical guitarists! Have you been playing a while? Years? Are you stuck in a rut? Do you want to dramatically improve your guitar playing?
Here's how:

  1. Get the right information
  2. Get some repertoire
  3. Get coached in the accelerated learning methods used by pros

Features of my system:

  1. A unique method used by Grammy Award winning guitarists
  2. Wholistic Methods
  3. Applicable to all styles of guitar music - Classical, Jazz, Rock
  4. Works equally well on Acoustic and Electric

About me: I have been performing professionally for over 40 years and have published over 25 books.

Inglis Academy
Shop 7/7-11 Clarke St
Crows Nest, NSW
0416 349 728


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