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Peter Trimbacher

Ableton Live Certified Trainer

Styles: Dubstep, Trap, Glitch, House, Techno, Trance, Indie, DnB, Breaks,

Skill Level: All Skill Levels

Pricing: 50

Can Pete teach anything else besides Ableton?

Expert Level – Mixing (Levels, Pan, EQ, Comp, FX etc) – Sound Design (Drums, Bass, Lead, FX, Pad etc.) – Synthesis (Additive, Subtractive, FM, Wavetable, Granular etc.) – Sampling (Multisamples, MPC style samples, Kontakt, Sampler, ESX24, NNXT) – Live Performance (Solo, Duo, Band, Hybrid Band etc.) – DJ (Ableton, Traktor) – Logic (Views, Editors, Media, Plugins etc) – Reason (Views, Editors, Media, Plugins etc) – Midi (Midi Controllers, Midi Interfaces, Midi Theory etc.) – Getting Gigs (Crews, Promoters, Demos, Local Community etc.) – Getting Signed (Labels, Demo Standards etc) – Popular Hardware (Virus, Nord, Moog, Push, Speakers, Headphones etc.) – Popular Software Plugins (Native Instruments, Massive, Kontakt, Albino, Zebra, Sylenth etc.) – Commercial Music vs Underground Music – Industry Here vs Overseas

Intermediate – Audio Engineering (Studios, Bands, Tracking Session Setup) – Recording (Microphones, Polar Patterns, Placements, Signal Chain etc) – Protools (Views, Editors, Media, Plugins etc) – Running a Netlabel (Mastering, Demos, Distribution, Promotion etc) – Audio for Games (Middleware, Composition, Sound Design, Field Recording specific to games) – Field Recording (Microphones, Recorders, Workflow)

Basic – Music Theory (Keyboard, Programming Midi, Scales, Notes, Chords, Progressions etc.) – Live Sound (FOH Setup, Fold-back Setup, Small Format Consoles & Routing, Ringing out room) – Studio Acoustics (Treatment, DIY, Theory etc.) – Web Design (HTML & Flash based programs) – Audio for Film (ADR, Location Sound, Recordist, Mixer, Boom Pole etc.)

Tin Shed Studio is well equipped with the latest industry standard software and hardware and gives students an excellent idea of whats possible with current music technology.

The sessions are learner centred, meaning students arrive with a set of goals and a tailored learning solution will be provided with a set budget in mind.

Brisbane, QLD

40 Ashburton St
Tel 0439 713 934
Email Me

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