Peter Wall

  • ATCL (Lond) Teacher of Piano Diploma
  • ATCL (Lond) Piano Teachers' Diploma
  • ATCL Diploma of Piano Teaching (Lond)

Piano lessons are conducted on a grand piano in my Hamilton studio . I have been a full time piano teacher for 48 years. Studied at Trinity College in England, where I attaining the coveted PianoTeachers' Diploma.
All ages and degrees of ability are accepted.
Tel mobile 0414 561617
Half hour lesson $40

Kallan Mitchell 5 star Awesome piano teacher. If anyone wants a lesson stop looking and book one with Peter now. You won't be disappointed

David Greenaway..

I started lessons with Peter having never played piano before. Within a few months I was playing movements from Mozart sonatas. More importantly, Peter taught me not just how to play the correct notes at the correct tempo – he taught me how to play the music. By using simple examples and analogies he helped me to understand complex passages, which meant that every lesson broadened my knowledge and appreciation of music which, in turn, made it easier and more fun to learn the music. Even now, almost 20 years since I had lessons with Peter, I still have his advice in mind when I play the piano, and I will always be grateful for the world of music he opened up to me.
Paul Searles . Composer
​My studies with Peter as a teenager provide a solid base for my career now as a professional composer. He approaches music in a uniquely inspiring way, giving more of a sense of the composer’s intent than the performer’s. He has a way of distilling a page full of notes down to its essence.

..Sharon Webb
I have been learning Piano with Peter for well over 1 year now. Coming back to piano as an adult can be a very humbling experience. Peter's teaching style, however, has made the experience one to enjoy and remember.
I have found Peter to be one of the most inspiring, passionate, encouraging and reliable teachers I have ever had. He provides direct and honest feedback about your playing, in a respectful manner and never lets you think that you cannot achieve your goals.
Peter provides a well rounded musical education in his home studio, covering all styles of music from Classical to Jazz, theory, technical work, aural and sight reading. I would highly recommend Peter to any student of any age and level, because he takes the time to get to know you as an individual and adapts his teaching style to meet your needs and goals. I thoroughly enjoy every lesson I have with him, because of his wealth of knowledge and experience....

Mark Niddrie

Sometimes in life you are given a special opportunity. Learning from Peter Wall is one of those.
Peter has been my teacher for over 10 years and is a modern day Mozart. If you have the chance to even have one lesson with him you are very lucky. He has taught and played piano all over the world and he is second to none as a teacher.

125 Tudor Street
Hamilton, NSW


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