A Joyful Noise - Learn Guitar The Fun Way!

Styles Pop, Acoustic, Blues, Rock, Christian Worship
Skill Level beginner - intermediate
Suitability Ages 7 years and up
Pricing $10 trial lesson, then $35 for half an hour (see website for details)

Discover the joy of music:
My chief goal when teaching students is to make sure they have fun and enjoy themselves. I make sure to go at the pace that is right for the student to try to avoid unnecessary frustrations. Music should never become something that you grow to dislike because you got annoyed with it. I will help you explore the wonderful world of music in the best way possible. It won't be long before you are making a joyful noise!

For more info and pricing, please visit my website www.ajoyfulnoise.com.au

Lessons to suit to your needs:
Everyone learns guitar for their own reasons. Some want to be rock stars, playing their own songs in a huge stadium. Some want to provide background music for the pub down the road. Some just want to play guitar in their bedroom for their own enjoyment. Whatever your goals, I will aim to help you get there.

Some teachers will teach all of their students more or less the same way, using the same content. I recognise that each student is a unique individual with their own learning styles, as well as their own desires and interests. If you want to learn how to play a specific genre, I will structure your lessons to teach you want you need to know to play that way. If you want to learn acoustic or electric guitar techniques, I can assist you with either.

Write and improvise your own music:
I believe the true joy in music lies in being able to play what comes out of your heart. I will teach you how to understand music, so that you will be able to unleash your creativity and create your own. Whether it's by improvising in the moment, or writing a mean chord progression, I have a range of tips I can share with you.

Explore useful music theory:
There's a good chance the word 'theory' brings a slight cringe to your face. Throughout our lives we have been told learning theory for a variety of subjects is a boring but necessary evil. Many people, usually those who are too scared to learn it or those who have been taught it poorly, approach music theory the same way. I believe that music theory, if learnt carefully and gradually, can release you to become a much better musician than you ever could have without it. In our lessons together, I will incorporate music theory that is both practical and useful to you. If you learn it gradually and carefully, the rewards are numerous. Above all, the focus is still on enjoying the guitar; the theory just helps you to enjoy it more!

Access exclusive online content:
All current students get access to exclusive online resources and tools that I put on my website. These include an aural skills training program, exclusive blog posts, and more. Additionally, each student gets access to their own page where I will upload files and share things exclusively with them. The learning doesn't have to stop at the end of the lesson!

For more info and pricing, please visit www.ajoyfulnoise.com.au

11a Marshall Street
Mount Evelyn, VIC
(03) 9736 1509 or 0466 609 811

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