• Australian institute of music graduate

Levels Beginners to semiprofessional over 27 Years’ experience teaching. Studied for over 10 years. Graduate of The Australian Institute of Music (AIM)

25 years live band experience lots of different styles.

One of the most experienced and professional teachers in the Port Stephens area.

Lessons covering - Reading music, Technical theory, Musicianship and Song writing.

Covering all aspects of rhythm and lead guitar styles. Also courses on Jazz and Classical styles to improvised Rock and Metal fusion etc.

Very patient experienced teacher could get kids to a high level of musicianship before they leave school: if they are willing to do the work.

Course Details Staring with beginners learning basic rhythmic figures and learning to read music and basic rhythm guitar songs. Basic chord shapes then start on bar chords - learn the fretboard framework understanding time values and major keys

Year Two Course Expand on reading music and rhythmic figures. Slightly advanced rhythm guitar songs. more involved chords and learn all 12 major keys.

Year Three course Medium advanced moving onto new textbook more involved reading and theory more technical rhythms and advanced rhythm guitar songs. More advanced scale knowledge, circle of fifths. Start chord construction, transposition and chord substitution.

Year Four Course Early advanced, More advanced songs- rhythm and melody advanced reading. Learning guitar riffs advanced technique and some improvising and inversions. All intervals, chord formulas, modulation and basic arpeggios, starting on lead guitar text. Year Five Course Advanced more complex rhythm guitar songs extra theory, musicianship, Lead Guitar full understanding most scales and modes. Arpeggios in all keys. Major and minor Pentatonic scales. Some classical reading and Jazz theory.

Year 6, Year 7, Year 8 Extra advanced to Semi Professional

High level reading music in all keys, musicianship, technical Jazz chords, Jazz songs. Technical rock and Metal songs. lead guitar blues to metal fusion etc.

Understanding chord extensions, large arpeggios, inversions, improvising using modulation, different solo options. Harmonic minor scales lead guitar licks, modal formulas.

Possible 10-year course for the really serious guitarist or striving to be a fulltime professional.

Corlett, NSW
Travelling in the local area


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Details last updated: February 27, 2024