I've been working with Marco for a number of months and its been a great experience. I've always been wanting to learn Piano and finally at a very late age I started. Marco has been a great mentor and teacher in my journey with music .. his approach expressing music as a language to play with your senses has worked was a eye opener for me. His ability to transfer his knowledge and focus are rare attributes. I highly recommend anyone who is starting out or has been playing for a long time to spend a bit of time with Marco, I'm sure he will open your eyes and ears like never before.

- S. Chowdhuri (via google reviews)

Marco is not only super talented. He is kind, patient and super fun! He makes learning the piano enjoyable!
Don’t even waste your time (like I did) calling others! If you want to learn the piano — he is your guy!!!

- S. Giordano (via google reviews)

Marco has been a wonderful teacher to my daughter. His way of teaching is so efficient yet fun that for the last 4 years I have never had to force my daughter to practice piano because she would just jump into practicing to beat the exciting challenges that he assigned to her. I'm very happy seeing such a great progress that she's been achieving. Marco is also very patient and encouraging. His way of teaching is really motivating and you'll never get bored. I would highly recommend Marco to anyone who wants to learn to play piano and who wants to develop/ improve some very specific set of music skills but hate being moulded into a traditional classical pianist.

- T. Vu (via google reviews)

Marco knows how to make learning fun! His teaching method is engaging, relaxed and joyful. I’m so glad I found Piano by Ear as an adult and have learnt a wonderful lifelong skill as a result. I’d highly recommend Marco to anyone wanting to learn in a really fun way!

- C. Nguyen (via Google reviews)

Marco has been a great tutor and mentor for both learning music theory and music production! I’ve really appreciated working with Marco over the years with him as both a mentor and a friend.

- T. Ashton (via Google reviews)

Marco has not only helped my piano playing massively, he’s also helped me with my songwriting and production techniques.
Highly recommended for Piano lessons but also for budding songwriters.

- R. Coughlan (via Google reviews)

I started playing the piano at aged 10, taught by my grandmother. I enjoyed learning how to play pop songs, but she often complained that I wasn’t really reading the music. Regrettably as a teenager I dropped the piano as it wasn’t cool with my mates, and only took it up again many years later. I tried to teach myself and found songs and chords off the internet, but I got stuck. My playing sounded much more advanced than my early music training, but it never really sounded good and I didn’t know why. I downloaded some on-line lessons but the lack of practical support and regular face to face lessons meant I didn’t make any progress. I was at a stale mate.
I loved to play and knew I needed lessons but I hated the fact that you got into trouble for playing a crochet instead of a semi quaver. I wanted to put my own twist on a song to my taste, not the person who wrote the music. If it sounded good to me, I was happy, but classically trained music teachers usually do not agree. You must do exactly what the music tells you to do. I got discouraged and stopped playing.
Then I found Marco. He is exactly the teacher I have always dreamed of. He is happy for me to only learn songs I want to learn, and play them how I want to play them. He also teaches at the pace I learn (slow or fast). There is no set routine of boring stuff. But very importantly he has brought discipline and structure into my playing. As a properly qualified piano teacher, he has helped to get a more professional sound to my playing that I have never had before, and has a great mix of theory, practise exercises (scales etc) and fun songs. A perfect balance.
Marco is a great teacher who is very encouraging yet provides constructive and honest feedback, where improvement is needed. He is helping me teach myself so I am not stuck between lessons and I couldn’t recommend him more highly!

- T. Manning (via Google reviews)

As a professional drummer and drum teacher I've always been very comfortable with the concept of rhythm and how music is structured around it. But I never really got around to fully understanding scales, chords etc until I took a music theory course with Marco. Now I finally get it and I never thought it could be so simple. Marco's approach makes things very easy to understand and I actually have a lot of fun working with it now.

- C. Reis (via Google reviews)

Marco is a great teacher! His teaching style is fun, passionate and focused on what really matters: the music!!!! I highly recommend him!

- H. Dib (via Google reviews)