Piano, Guitar, Vocal, Drums, Clarinet, Saxophone and Flute Lessons

We are a small family run and owned music school that places a huge emphasis on quality music education; where family is at the heart of what we do and what we are about.

We invest in the very best teachers and excellent resources - after all, the value of your lessons can only be based on your progression - and you can't do that unless you have excellent teaching.

Learning an instrument can be one of the greatest joys in life - and it is a wonderful thing to be on someone's 'musical journey' with them.

All of our teachers are very experienced and take a very enthusiastic apporach to educating their students. We understand the process of learning starts with being passionate about music, and believe us when we say 'music was our first love' and this love is very important and influencial in all of our own lives and how we teach.

We recognise that everyone learns differently – and at their own pace, therefore, our Private Lessons have a tailored syllabus designed for individual learning styles and capabilities of all ages.

Each term we set out what you want to achieve from your classes and we work hard to meet that goal. We have students that learn for their own pleasure, others that want to take exams (in which we have 100% pass rate with over 600 entries) and teachers that want to improve their technique and/or resources.

Our studio is set in a quiet and comfortable location just off Black Road in Flagstaff Hill and provides a warm and inviting learning environment that is equipped with the highest quality music resources.

We pride ourselves on doing things a bit differently and provide our students with the opportunity to grow their knowledge and understanding of music and their instrument by providing different types of lesson directions, including: Jam Sessions (Improvisation), AMEB preparation exam Masterclasses, Composition, Song writing, Ensemble, Recitals and Annual showcases.

Lessons range from 30 minutes to 60 minutes.

So come on in and enjoy a cup of coffee, chat and complimentary first lesson.

Give us a call on 0488 26 19 26 or email us on carlie@pathwaysmusic.com.au if you think you might be interested in starting your musical journey with us!

Details last updated: October 7, 2023