Piano Lessons for Adults --- Master Piano Institute

Love Piano, but nervous about taking adult piano lessons?
---You are not alone.

It is never too late to enjoy the fun of making music on a Piano!

Master Piano Institute is founded to specially promote adult piano learning by offering our innovative, effective, enjoyable and practical Adult learning program. Besides the traditional reading and playing skills, we highly value improvisation and aural skill, that means you will be able to express how you feel in music as you speak a language and you are able to play by ear. You will learn music comprehensively from the first lesson!

We are here to promote the benefits of playing piano to more adults, and help them to achieve a moderate level within 1-2 years (be able to read and play popular piano solo pieces, play in band, sing songs while play piano accompaniment, make up songs, picking up melodies by ears), so that more adults can enjoy playing music and even pass this fantastic skill on to their next generation.

Details last updated on January 28, 2016