Seasonal Performance Salon

Styles Various Styles, Classical, jazz and pop
Skill Level from beginner to advanced
Suitability Ages 16 years and up

We are organizing small performance salons seasonally for our adult students. You don't have to perform in the event, simply just come and join us. The salon is not the serious concert you are imagining, but an intimate, 30-ish audiences, encouraging and inspiring event.

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You can watch and enjoy the time with drinks and snacks.
You can perform what you have learnt recently, or your all time favorite pieces, or the music you just composed!
You can invite your supporters and friends who can also play an instrument to perform along with you.
You are highly appreciated to share your musical stories such as your musical background, your learning journey, what has inspired you to compose your piece, suggestions to Master Piano...
You will be involved in our easy and fun group musical activaties. (in relation to music history, rhythm, music humors and other general musical knowledge)
You will watch performances from professional musicians we invited.
You will be glad to know all other adults piano lovers!
You won't regret coming!

Suite 10 Ground Floor
301 Castlereagh Street
Sydney, NSW
Contact Yichao Ma
0415 069 678

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Details last updated on May 30, 2014