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Pricia Horas

Piano Lessons

Styles: Baroque to Contemporary

Skill Level: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced

Suitability: Ages 5 years and up

Pricing: $35 (30 minutes), $60 (1 hour)

Piano School Publishing
Beginner students are taught under Piano School Publishing books. This series of books emphasise the importance in actively reading notes by having “Point, Play and Say”. This encourages students to conciously read notes and play music at the same time. As students complete the beginner and intermediate packs of this series, they have more options in choosing their pieces according to their preferences and goals.

Music theory is a very important part of a student’s music development. Having the knowledge of music theory will encourage students to learn music in a more critical way and also give a different view for student’s as a listener, a performer, or a composer.
Students are highly encouraged to learn music theory, offered in Theory of Music, Musicianship and Music Craft, during their private lessons as they have been learning up to certain grade.

Depending on students’ goals and preferences, they can choose to sit in AMEB or AGME examination series. Unlike in the past, piano exams nowadays can be fun and encouraging as there are choices in performing classical or contemporary pieces. This gives students a sense of achievement, as well as motivates them to have a goal during their learning.

Mitchelton, QLD

Blaker Rd
Tel 0425 447 744
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