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Rachael Byrnes: Singer-Songwriter/ Vocal Teacher

General Details

Advanced Diploma (Music Performance & Composition), Bachelor of Arts (Public Relations)

Hi I’m Rachael an indie singer-songwriter and a creative singing teacher. I can teach you how to discover and enhance your voice using the tools that helped me transform my own voice.

I started professional singing training as an adult at the age of 25. Before that I had a very average voice, with a limited range and only a basic ability to harmonise. Now in my 30s, after years of training and gigging I’m now pleased to say I’m confident with my sound! (it took a long time to get to that place, I wasn’t a born diva, but I proved to myself (and others) that you can craft a great voice if you just know how to access your true capacity.

Over the past 10 years I’ve performed hundreds of professional gigs, been in successful bands, recorded my own original music and and worked as a session harmony vocalist on a variety of albums and projects. I would love to share with you some important tools that helped me develop my voice and sing with a sense of ease, confidence and strength.

I have been influenced by several contemporary singing teaching methods such as Speech Level Singing and Estill and I just recently completed Estill Level 1 & 2 professional development training. I blend the tried and tested with my own creative approach to get your voice to open up, your ears to come alive and your confidence to shine.

Primarily I work like a personal trainer for the voice, working through exercises, drills and vocal routines that will strengthen your vocal chords improve the agility of your larynx. I also work with you though the learning and delivery of songs mainly in the folk, pop, rock, blues, contemporary or jazz genres.

I teach out of my home teaching space in Greensborough.. I specialise in teaching high school students and adults (13+) My rates are $60/ hour.

These details were last updated on October 9, 2016