Rachelle Hyeraci

  • Diploma in Music
  • Bachelor of Audio Engineering

A Dedicated and Passionate Music Teacher

My name is Rachelle, I have a passion for music, whether it be performing or working my magic behind the scenes as an audio engineer, music will always be my first and forever love.

I studied at the Australian Institute of Music, receiving my diploma in music then I advanced to a Bachelor of Audio Engineering at SAE.

I have been singing since I was 5 and been professionally trained since the age of 10, with years of training at the Australian Conservatorium of Music. Throughout the years I have picked up both guitar and keyboard to accompany my voice and further advance my knowledge in music theory.

I strive to provide my singing students with the confidence of learning vocals in a safe and fun environment. Developing musical and vocal technique is important as that it not only encourages full vocal potential but also develops strength in both diaphragm and vocal chords.

My goal is to instil confidence in your child for not only performing but to take with them throughout their life.

Details last updated on October 3, 2019