Rebekah Barns

I am a fourth year university student who is currently studying a Bachelor of Arts degree, majoring in music, which not only shows my passion and dedication for the art of music, but also that I have a high level of skills as well. I also have a strong passion for teaching children what I myself have learnt from a very young age. There have been numerous performances, competitions and examinations that I have participated in that have helped me improve and develop my talents as both a singer and performer. This is one of my main focusses which I pass on to students throughout each weekly lesson. I am also qualified in flute, theory and piano (in that order) from the completion of Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) exams.
I have been teacher for over six years; however I try to tailor a particular lesson to the student’s taste in music as well as their abilities so that both the student and I enjoy the lesson. By making each lesson enjoyable, the basic techniques of singing and the overall concept of music become easy to learn and develop over time. Students can choose to have a lesson length from fifteen, thirty, forty-five or sixty minutes, however each lesson must be done in person each week. For more details please contact me via email for more details.

Ipswich, QLD
0408 409 590
Flinders View, QLD
0408 409 590


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