Rebekah Jensen

Woman. Power. Love.
Sydney songwriter, Bek Jensen, delivers her new EP - Magic & Art - with style, spirit, prowess and love. Magic & Art is Bek's 3rd solo release. It is moving. Heartfelt. Identifiable and filled with 100% soul and above all good songs! Tipping her hat to her musical roots, Bek’s sound is likened to Janelle Monae, The Blues Brothers, Prince and the deep soul music that she was raised on.
Magic & Art is for the magician and artist in everyone!
Bek Jensen grew up in a talented family with both her parents working as professional musicians in Australia. Always surrounded by live music and wrapped in a blanket of classic soul, blues, jazz, country and gospel music, she started performing at a young age and found that she had an intense passion for the stage.
Established as a backing vocalist from the age of 16 Bek has recorded and toured nationally with Australia’s iconic artists including Cold Chisel, Jimmy and Mahalia Barnes, Tina Harrod, The Sleepy Jackson, Paul McDermott, ALPHAMAMA, Morganics, Jackie Orszaczky, Clayton and Lachy Doley to name just a few and has released numerous original recordings signed and unsigned under different guises.
In 2007 Bek teamed up with producer/composer/guitarist Marty Hailey (Lotel, Jimmy Little, David Campbell, Smoke and Mirrors) to release an original album together titled COUNTING THE DAYS by THE FAVOURITES.
In 2009, Bek and her husband, Michael Wheatley, built their own professional recording studio, Nut n Butter Studio, Marrickville and started preparing for her first solo album. She began workshopping her songs as well as teaching and gigging all over the country to raise funds for the project. In 2010 Bek was offered a 5 month singing contract in Japan which was the perfect opportunity to connect herself with her own unique sound.
On returning home with a suitcase full of new songs, Bek called upon her friends to bring their amazing talents to her music producing her first her solo album “BEK KIMOCHI” released in 2012.
In 2014, Bek delivered a fresh new sound in an EP called LUCKY. Produced and co-written with Tim Hall (The Whitlams, Chakra Diva, The Strange) they started writing songs together in a little garage in Bondi around 2008. Tim opened many creative doors for Bek allowing her to walk through ideas she may not have dared to on her own. The result was a bunch of fun, quirky, daring and exciting songs that she calls organic, electro soul. The EP was also made on a successful crowdfunding campaign.
Performing in live venues all over Sydney as a solo artist, a duo and now with her new band ‘Bek Jensen & The Gold Rockets’ Bek has produced her best work yet with Magic & Art in 2018. Recorded again at Nut n Butter studio, Bek began the project earlier this year with an absolute killer band supporting her. Joel Burton, Clayton Doley, Mitch Rogers, Franco Raggatt, Jade MacRae to name but a few and has created an extraordinary journey for all her listeners to dance, sing and feel emotions to. Let’s be honest, there can always be more magic and art in the world.
Check out Beks new EP Magic & Art - out now on all popular music platforms!

Nut N Butter Studio, Marrickville
Marrickville, NSW
0420 149 661


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