Sydney Jazz Singers Workshop Now Enrolling!

Group Size Groups of up to 10 participants
Styles Jazz and blues
Skill Level Beginner to advanced
Suitability Ages 18 to 95 years
Pricing $300

Now Enrolling!
Sydney Jazz Singers Workshop. A wonderful opportunity to unleash your inner jazz voice. The program is a two hour per week group class held over 6 weeks in Ashfield. The course (open to all levels) is designed to help the budding jazz singer develop their vocal and musical skills. In the final week of the course, each singer will get the chance to perform a tune with a professional jazz trio!

Week 1: Turn On, Tune In, Sing Out!
In the first week, we’ll be looking over our song list containing five tunes that cover some of the more common jazz styles. Various vocal warm ups and exercises will be introduced along with some basic music theory.

Week 2: Form Guide
Knowing the form of a tune is an essential skill for singers. We’ll check out typical song forms, discuss keys and time signatures and learn how to cue the band in and lead them out.

Week 3: Words, Words, Words...
One of the most important aspects of performance is how we interpret lyrics and convey them to an audience. We’ll discuss the meaning behind the words of each song and investigate the context in which they were written.

Week 4: Sound Advice
A further exploration of vocal techniques such as projection, finding our chest and head voice, scatting and incorporating slides and turns.

Week 5: Crowd Control
What are some of the best methods for weaving a spell over our audience? How do we get their attention and keep it until the final note of a performance?

Week 6: On With The Show
A brief look at presentation, how to set the stage and P.A. and then it’s showtime!

Your Voice Singing Studio 1/105 Edwin Street North, Croydon
1/105 Edwin Street North, Croydon
Sydney Croydon, NSW
0425 383 964

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Details last updated on August 23, 2016