Ukulele for beginners - Private or Group Lessons/Workshop

Group Size Groups of up to 4 participants
Styles Any soulful music. (30s - 60s jazz/ bossa/ blues/ soul/ pop) to nursery rhymes, All Styles welcome: Lessons are individually structured to accommodate your goals and tastes.
Skill Level I specialise in “Total Beginner”
Suitability Ages 4 to 130 years
Pricing Private Lesson (my home in Ashfield) - $60 for 1 hr within the operating hours Monday to Friday 10am to 5pm. Mobile lesson available with the additional fee of $10-50, depending on the distance. *Fee excluding toll and parking fee. Please call to discuss. Group lesson/workshop currently not running unless you to come up your own group - please call to discuss further. thanks!

You have No idea where to start?
Are you intimidated by the music sheet?
Difficulty connecting with Youtube or on-line uke lessons?
Not at all interested in the Music Theory, but just want to play and singalong right away?

No worries! I am happy to take you through the fantastic world of Ukulele! I teach both children and adults. You will get hooked because ukulele is an awesome instrument! If you love singing, this is a wonderful instrument to accompanying yourself!

Uke will enrich and brighten up your life!

I will show you all the basics such as; tuning, how to read tablature, finger placing, shaping, chords, strumming, rhythm, some introduction to basic picking, even a bit of singing lesson if you wish!

We can even work on a specific song you wish to learn in any genre you wish.
I can patiently assist you in this wonderful journey!

So, what are your needs?

  • Just want to play the instrument?
  • Play and sing the song you love?
  • Wanna play songs to your children?
  • Do you work at Childcare? School? - wants to play sing along for your students?
  • Pre-natal Uke, Uke with toddlers, Mothers group uke workshop available.
  • Can’ get through to your 8 y.o kid? Learn uke with your kid/s! - Family Uke Group Lesson for Family Bonding also available
  • Wanna do something fun with your wife? husband? partner? I can run few lessons just for you two! have a good laugh and sing along!
  • Hello Senior Citizens! You are never old to learn new things! It will keep you young and it might even improve your memory! - Do you have dementia, rheumatoid and arthritis? Apparently uke is god for your well being! Senior Citizen Rate available.
  • Children with Special Needs; apparently playing instrument will help develop their fine motor skills, concentration and benefits to their neurological development.... But most importantly you can experience the joy of music!
  • Private functions; birthday party (both kids and adult)
  • Creative Exercise for Bucks night or Hens night,
  • Workplace Team Building Exercise
  • Event - Instant Uke workshop for Festivals, Markets etc...
  • School holiday programs or anything you can imagine!
  • Hospitals and nursing home visits
  • Want a hand with starting up a Uke Group in your community?
  • Wants to play the special song for your loved one for anniversary or wedding?

I can help you! Call me!!

Gift Voucher available!

Carlisle St
Ashfield, NSW
0403 970 696
Haberfield, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0403 970 696
Summer Hill, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0403 970 696
Marrickville, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0403 970 696
Newtown, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0403 970 696
Fivedock, NSW
Travelling in the local area
0403 970 696

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Details last updated on July 7, 2020