Rhia Ploumidis

  • Dip. Of Mus
  • Vocal
  • Experienced vocal coach.
  • Been trained under Vocology and Practice
  • vocal trained under Vocology and practice methods.
  • working with Childrens/

Rhia's School of Music provides students with all levels of training from beginners to advanced students. Whether you are starting off for the first time, or brushing up on your skills. Rhia has trained under some of the industries' most professional vocal coaches such as Dave Stroud, and Kaya Herstad-Carnad. Rhia teaches on how the human voice works when singing and how to learn certain vocal techniques, so you can be able to sing just as comfortable as you can speak. Rhia also works with songwriters and background vocalists in the United States such as Zenya Bashford a background singer for Justin Timberlake.

Level 7
14-20 Nicholson Street
Coburg, VIC
Also travelling in the local area
0432 299 114 or 0400 963 350


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