Rhiannon Shaw

  • Bachelor of Music (Composition and Music Production)

Rhiannon hasbeen a songwriter and musician from an early age. From writing her first song on piano at four (with help from my mum), to leading the High School jazz band as the singer from 2006-2009.
She graduated from The Australian Institute of Music in 2013 with a Bachelor of Music (Composition and Music Production). She has since worked as a session musician, songwriter, performer, music tutor and school music specialist.
She currently teaches singing, and ukulele. These lessons are infused with music theory, aural skills and improvisation skills. Also available are songwriting and composition lessons.

Rhiannon takes a creative and diversified approach to teaching music. The learning abilities of the individual student are initially assesed and from there lessons are differentiated to suit the students' needs and abilities. Rhiannon believes that everyone can learn music, the teacher just needs to find a way to connect the student with the knowledge and practical skills.

Details last updated on September 1, 2019