Beginner Ukulele Workshops

Group Size Groups of up to 20 participants
Styles A range of singable styles
Skill Level Beginner
Suitability Ages 5 years and up
Pricing $10 per hour

Sing-strum-jam: ukulele workshops for adults and school aged children - both absolute beginners and for those who'd like to Jam with fellow uke enthusiasts. In 2 hours we'll cover 4-5 basic chords, a couple of basic strum patterns, then make them into 2 or 3 songs. For those looking for a little more than "hum & strum", there'll be the opportunity to learn some simple lines that will turn us into a fairdinkum ukulele orchestra! This workshop builds in lots of flexibility and fun designed to allow people to join in regardless of age or experience, and is a great opportunity for parents, grandparents and kids to make music together. Participants are encouraged to come prepared to share what they know and work in groups to quickly build the capacity of the group. We'll build a list of local and online resources (people, music shops, websites, books etc) to help everyone build their ukulele skills too.

Geelong, VIC
Travelling in the local area
(03) 5241 9568 or 0427 571 453

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Details last updated on April 9, 2018