Singing Lessons

Styles Modern, rock, pop
Skill Level Beginner, intermediate
Suitability Ages 8 to 28 years
Pricing $35 per half hour

Our one on one singing lessons are suitable for total beginners, those who love to sing and are ready for some vocal coaching, and more experienced performers who would like to develop their technique.
Our vocal coaching will help you with breathing, pitch control and phrasing. We will help you find your vocal range and preferred keys, and identify the songs and musical styles that best suit your voice. Our singing lessons are conducted in private teaching rooms where the student and singing teacher can work together without interruption. The safe and informal environment creates a relaxed atmosphere where you can feel comfortable expressing yourself. At Rock Scholars our focus is on rock, pop and contemporary music styles so our vocal lessons are structured around classic songs that are fun to sing. Our method of vocal coaching uses a variety of rock and pop songs to guide you through the learning process – by using familiar songs that you already know the words and melody to, you can concentrate on the act of singing alone.

14 Mcdonald St West
Osborne Park, WA
Contact Sam Simmonds
0437 806 109

Details last updated on February 13, 2020