Rohan Goldsmith

  • Bachelor Of Music (Sonic Arts) - The University of Adelaide (Elder Conservatorium)

I am an experienced drummer, electronic musician, producer and music teacher who is passionate about the joyful pursuit of music as both a means for solo expression and to participate in collaborative band projects. Key to my ethos is letting the student share in shaping their progression relative to their own goals and tastes, and to facilitate self expression, creativity and collaboration through fun and fulfilling musical projects. My personable and patient nature helps me connect with students of all ages, and I aim to motivate and support students through any challenges. As well as drum set tuition, I teach engineering (recording), music composition & production using Ableton Live & Logic Pro X, which I may also incorporate into drum set lessons as a means to document them for instant feedback and analyse progress.

I have been playing drums since I was 8 years old and have been playing and writing in various outfits since my early teens. I’ve played in, written for and toured nationally and internationally with rock and folk bands such as Sparkspitter, Naomi Keyte, Quivers, Open Swimmer & Seagull, in which I’ve developed considerable experience as a drummer, recording engineer and producer. I hold a Bachelor of Music in Sonic Arts from the University of Adelaide, and provide freelance recording and producing services to other artists such as Jaala and Mindy Meng Wang. This year I’ve begun working with acclaimed electronic performer and composer Fia Fiell, producing our duo project, Walking Light, and I was recently awarded a grant from the City of Melbourne to support the creation of a new solo album for drum kit & electronics under the moniker Draft Echo.

I motivate students by making music lessons fun while setting achievable goals, and selecting repertoire based on their own abilities, tastes, aspirations and musical passions. I maintain a focus on technique, theory and concepts to ensure that students are continually progressing in their technical skills, musicality and creative abilities. I'm easy-going, patient and great with kids, and I strive to help my students reach their full potential through kind and supportive encouragement. I hope to inspire students through exposure to many remarkable artists and musical pieces, while also instilling values of hard work and conscientiousness. I comfortably play and teach most styles, and I try to ensure that musical material covered is relevant and rewarding to each student, while contributing to a more comprehensive musical development and awareness.

In my time away from tuition, I most enjoy restoring vintage drums, making electronic music, and performing my own music. I love listening to music from all over the world, particularly African, Brazilian and Latin music, but I also love soul, rock, indie, jazz, experimental and electronic music. On the drums I love to improvise or jam along to my tastes - I love music that is free, repetitive, poly-rhythmically complex and trance-inducing! Music to me is about being expressive, authentic, having fun and connecting with ourselves, our musical peers and audiences!

Details last updated: February 3, 2023