Piano Lessons, Theory, Advanced Sight Reading

Styles Modern, Classical, Pop, Jazz
Skill Level Beginners, Intermediate, Advanced, Up to Grade 8
Suitability Ages 6 to 30 years
Pricing $30 - 30 minutes $50 - hour

Styles: Classical, Contemporary, Pop and more!

Skill Level: All ages and skill levels

Pricing: $50 Per hour

Ronald’s Music provides high quality piano and early vocal tuition to students of all ages and skill levels. Learn how to play a variety of styles, from classical to rock to popular music!

Whether you are a beginner or advanced player, an older student returning to music, preparing for exams or learning for passion, all are welcome!

At Ronald’s Music, you’ll learn to play, enjoy, create and LOVE music!

Beginner to Adult – All Ages & Skill Levels
Music For Leisure
Learn Theory, Scales and Chord Progressions
Read Music Charts, Chord Symbols, Notation
Improve your Solo Playing and Technique
Ear and Vocal Training
Learn Classical & Contemporary Styles
Practise The Music That Truly Inspires You!

Revesby, 2212, NSW
Tel 0435 164 987

I'm a student currently studying at the University of New South Wales.

Specialize in Sight Reading and Performance

I'll be able to teach you how to pick up any new piece of music and be playing it in minutes or even straight away.

You'll learn how to think about music in a new way and discover how to even compose music on your own.

Classical or contemporary whatever you want to play, I can teach you!

I'll specialize in advanced sight reading techniques that will teach you to be able to pick up any piece of music and play it on the spot, I'll also be teaching how to play by ear and aural skills. I highly focus on memorization techniques to teach the brain how to think differently about playing music.

Home Adress
Ashmead Ave
Revesby, NSW
0435 164 987

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