Rosemary Smith

  • BA(Mus) VCA
  • BEd(Postgrad) Deakin University
  • A.MusA (Distinction)
  • L.MusA

Rosemary studied music at the Victorian College of the Arts with Philip Miechel and Catherine McKorkill and went on to teach woodwinds at some of Melbourne's top schools. She also completed a Bachelor of Education, in primary and secondary teaching at Deakin University, giving her the tools to get the best out of a much wider range of students.
After completing a very technical classical degree, Rosemary turned her back on classical playing for more than a decade, choosing instead to play musical theatre, jazz, rock and folk music in a range of ensembles, from orchestras to combos accompanying singers. Recently she's returned to classical music, playing in orchestras and a number of chamber music ensembles.
Rosemary recognises that one of the best things about individual lessons is the scope to tailor them to individual learners. Each student's interests, goals and learning styles are taken into account and a balanced program developed for them to learn the rudiments of the instrument whilst playing the music that inspires them.

Details last updated: January 31, 2024