Ross Wang

About Erhu:
Erhu is one of the most famous Chinese traditional musical instruments. Initially, it was known as 'Chinese violin' or 'two-string fiddle' which is used for both solo and ensembles performance. By culture exchange, Erhu is displayed quite often in Chinese and western music exchange concerts or events, so Erhu now is not just played in Chinese style music, but also in modern, pop, classical and so on.

About trainer:
Ross Wang is a qualified trainer with Certificate IV in Training and Assessment. He has started his Erhu journey since 6 years old, and got level 10 certificate of erhu performance from Musicians' Association in China at age of 16. When he was in junior high school in China, he taught USA exchange students Erhu knowledge and skills as a teaching assistant. From 2016 to 2018, he organised three Chinese music concerts for private music schools and one lunar new year concert for Burwood Council NSW.

Level 1
58 Yamboyna Street
Manly, QLD
Also travelling in the local area
0413 165 793
North Lakes, QLD
Travelling in the local area
0413 165 793


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