Sabine Gonelli

  • Fully registered Teacher in the NT
  • M.Ed.
  • Working with Children Police clearance (Ochre Card)

I have more than 12 years experience teaching violin (online via Skype since 2015) and have helped hundreds of students getting more confident with their violin playing. My students are very diverse, of all ages and ethnicities. I have experience tutoring individuals as well as small groups, and I have also lead school orchestras.

Finding a comfortable and easy way to play your violin with good posture is the basis of a long and healthy relationship with your violin. From day one, I will guide you to find the "good tone" on your instrument. No wasting years on squeaking notes and unpleasant noise production!

The violin is a most therapeutic instrument. Even if you don't have the "stage-calling", the violin offers so much more to explore.
Feel the joy of music making on this instrument of the heart and let me guide you on the way.

I am very open to any style of music you want to explore. There is a classical component in learning the violin, but I have also played violin in a number of bands and after learning the basics, I am happy to go with your musical interest and have fun with that. In my view, education is empowerment and this is how I teach: with YOU in mind, not some abstract learning standard.

I am teaching exclusively online. It is a very successful way of learning because online learning and teaching is very focussed. I need to explain things well, and you need to understand and do it on your side of the screen. I find this a lot more beneficial than what I see with most teachers, when they do it for the student, and the students don't really understand why. I will pick your brain a lot, and we will think things through together so that what you do with your violin makes sense.

AND last but not least: it is never too late to start learning the violin. I have had many adult learners over the years. Everyone can learn this instrument to a certain level, which will give you pleasant moments of musicality. Music making is a fantastic way to de-stress and reset your brain, and it adds fun to your life. Who wouldn't need that? =)

I look forward to getting to know you and your musical calling and of course your violin! (If you need help with setting yourself up and getting yourself a violin, I will give you some advice as well).

See you soon!

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Details last updated: June 14, 2023