Sally Cooper

  • Master of Music Therapy

Do you want to explore your potential to sing & use your voice for well being, sound healing, (vocal toning), enjoyment, relaxation, personal growth and creative self expression?

Individual singing sessions and group song circles are available with vocal coach Sally Cooper.

Individual Sessions:

Support for freeing your singing voice for
therapeutic personal growth, sound healing (vocal toning), well being and creative self expression. Techniques for vocal health, as well as vocal improvisation and songwriting (if required).

Learn how to use your own voice for body centered & body aware vocal toning for sound healing. Individual sessions & Group song circles.

Song circles offer a nurturing and supportive space to explore playful ways to connect to, (or reconnect to) your natural singing voice. And to express yourself with your voice in your own way.

We also explore the potential to use your voice through sounding, vocal toning, sacred singing, and meditative chanting for relaxation.

Sally brings a wealth of experience and knowledge about singing and the voice from her decades of professional experience as a performing and recording vocalist and songwriter in Australia and internationally. She performed full time with her own band in long term resident lounge band contracts in 5 star hotels in Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, China, India, South Korea, Japan, Dubai, Doha and Bahrain for 10 years since 2000. Prior to this she had also performed extensively across Sydney, and more recently in Brisbane since settling here in 2010.

She has had training in Classical, jazz, contemporary & musical theater singing, (and originally trained and worked as a vocal teacher and sound healing facilitator in Sydney 1992).

Her studies of music and healing has also seen her undertake Hindustani Indian classical & meditational chanting & devotional singing training in India (during several study visits since 2008). She also studied "Biofonia" sound healing (a system of sound healing based on Nada yoga & traditional Indian Ragas) in Varanasi, India. She recently studied vocal toning with George Grant (USA).

In 2012 she completed her formal training as a music therapist, completing her Masters of Music Therapy at University of Queensland in 2012. She is now a Registered Music Therapist with the Australian Association of Music Therapy.

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Wilston, QLD
Brisbane, QLD
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