Music Production & Ableton Live Lessons, Coaching and Mentoring

Styles Techno, House, Bass Music, Pop, Rap / Hip Hop, Electronica
Skill Level Complete Beginner to Highly Advanced
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Do you feel as though you are going round in circles with your music? Your struggling to achieve that professional sound that you are after and that no matter what you do you just can’t make any progress?

Well I am here to tell you that there is a way forward.

If any of this sounds familiar then I can help.

Struggling to finish tracks
Stuck in loops that you can’t flesh out into complete tracks
Tracks sounding boring or uninteresting
Mixdowns not translating to different speakers and not having that magic that you can hear in professional tracks.

I’ve been there. For years I struggled with these problems and felt like giving up. It wasn’t until I realised that I was focusing on the wrong things with my music, and shifted my perspective that I not only started to finish heaps of tracks but they started sounding professional too.

Making music is about more than just technical knowledge, or some secret trick that the pro’s keep closely gaurded. It’s about understanding how the music that you like actually works, and having the confidence and skills to finish music consistently. Everyone makes music differently, and with over 15 years of music production experience, I can help you understand how to best approach writing all kinds of music, regardless of genre and style.

“Sam’s mentoring and tuition has provided me with invaluable insight and practical approaches to finishing more music faster, whilst retaining great quality productions.

Sam offers a wealth of creative and technical skill, and on top of that Sam has focus on individual development for myself as an artist. His tuition program is subject to change based on the individual’s needs. Sam’s program is extremely beneficial to anyone seeking further education.”
— Loui

Perhaps you're a complete beginner and can't get an idea going.

Perhaps you have a heap of loops and ideas and can't work out how to get them into a polished tune.

Perhaps it takes you ages to finish a song or perhaps they don't quite have 'that' sound.

Whatever your situation, I can help you become a better producer. I work with Ableton Live, but the techniques and methods I teach can be applied to any DAW.

So if you want to unstuck yourself and start producing the music you dream of writing, call or email me and lets see how I can help you.

187 Brunswick Road
Melbourne, VIC
0479 098 508

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