Samuel Gibson

  • Currently Studying Bachelor of Contemporary Music

My name is Sam, I'm a 25 year old musician specializing in contemporary electric bass. I have been playing bass for 10 years and guitar for 15. Currently studying bass at a tertiary level at WAAPA, I perform multiple times a week in both cover bands and original bands as well as working days in a large music store selling, servicing and repairing a broad range of instruments. I'm very thankful for the experiences and lessons music has afforded me throughout my life and get very excited about sharing that knowledge.

My teaching approach is individually tailored to suit the needs of every student but can be best summarized as a song based approach with a strong emphasis on listening. I believe the key to staying motivated particularly as a beginner is being able to quickly hear the results of your effort, getting the student over the skill threshold where they can really relax and enjoy making music. I believe this enjoyment of playing naturally leads to a mindset that is more receptive, and even hungry for a theoretical understanding of music, which is a fundamental in becoming a great musician.

I currently live with my partner who is a primary school teacher in an apartment in Hamilton Hill where I teach out of a small home studio, but I'm also more than happy to travel.

Please don't hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.

Phone: 0452195970

Look forward to hearing from you!

Unit 2
3a Bellion Drive
Hamilton Hill, WA
Also travelling in the local area
0452 195 970


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