Sandra Uitdenbogerd

  • Grad Dip Ed
  • PhD
  • AMEB Grade 8 Singing
  • AMEB Grade 7 Theory of Music
  • AMEB Grade 6 Piano

Sandra received 13 years of vocal training from Elizabeth van Rompaey, a who studied with Clive Carey, the singer/composer responsible for Joan Sutherland's high notes.
Sandra has AMEB Grade 8 singing, Grade 7 Theory of Music, and Grade 6 piano, as well as a Grad Dip Ed, and a PhD in Music Information Retrieval Technology. She has attended the ACCET choral conducting training multiple times, and has conducted choirs since 1999.
She has written choral works, songs, canons, catches and instrumentals.
In addition to her classical background, she is a singer/songwriter who has performed solo, as well as in synth pop, rock, and experimental electronic bands. She also sang in the jazz trio Mixed Up for 3 years, and has performed in the occasional musical.
One of her more recent music projects is SAS, the Andrews Sisters cover band.

Details last updated on February 4, 2021