My son started playing his clarinet only this year, he has a learning difficulty that makes it that no-one wants to teach him because it appears to be hard work. Since taking him to Sandra to teach him he is now playing with confidence, excitement and absolutely loving his clarinet and just the thought of playing it. He has advanced in the school band from beginner to the Junior Band in only 2 terms. This is all thanks to Sandra, her patience and persistance has definately paid off, he is now even doing better in class, Thankyou so very much Sandra.

- Mrs. Jungho

Yeah, I passed my Tenor Sax Grade 6 with flying marks. I normally panic and say I can't do it, but this year I had the best Sax teacher ever. I had Sandra herself teach me and I did alot better.
I was more relaxed, confident and I am starting to believe in myself.
I am also starting to understand alot more about techniques and why I have to do them. Thanks Sandra.

- Daphne

I am sooooo happy. My 4 children all passed their different music exams again this year.
One of my daughters received a Pass with Honours in level "Letter of certificate".
My other daughter received the same in Grade 8 Violin.
My two other children received awesome marks in Classical Guitar.
My husband and myself are so very glad that we brought our whole family to Sandra's Music School. They care about each of my kids and our family.
I am 100% confident that my kids are in the best place for music.
If you are thinking about enrolling your kids, DO IT.

- Suganya