Singing and Music Theory

Styles Jazz and Contemporary
Skill Level Beginner
Suitability Ages 4 to 16 years
Pricing $50

I prefer to do hour lessons, however half an hour lessons can be arranged.

The hour lesson will cover the fundamentals of music study.

It will begin with theory, aural training and singing.

25 min - Theory

5 min - Aural training

30 min - Singing

This can be subject to change depending on the students needs. If they are struggling in one area we may spend more time there or it may just be a case of not doing their homework, in which case I will assign homework more valuable to their study time.

I have taken singing, theory and double bass lessons for a long time. I only started to really improve as a singer when I started to learn the double bass and that was due to the theory and aural training involved in being an instrumentalist. Therefore, to be able to call yourself a musician as a signer you need to be able to grasp the fundamentals just as any instrumentalist would.

I believe in maintaing quality vocal health. I’ve had tonsillitis and sore throats in the past due to poor training and practice time. Unlike other instruments, the vocalist needs to take rests in between practice. It is in these breaks that they can focus on their theory and ear training.

The Australian Music Examinations Board (AMEB) is the syllabus’s I will be following. I have found that the AMEB is a good starting point, is well known and provides a qualification that is recognised and respected. However, if the student wishes to explore other areas of their music study I am more then happy to. The AMEB provides a framework which is very important, however from there I hope the student will branch out.

The first lesson will be more of an interview progress and will only last 30 minutes. I will want to meet you - the parent/s/guardian - and your child to get to know what they’re musically interested in, as well as tell you a bit about myself as a studying and performing musician. It will give us time to discuss and agree upon a lesson time that suits everyone. Also, I will be able to show you the material your child will be learning from.

I will be providing feedback to you - the parent/s/guardian - every four weeks. This feedback will cover the students progress and give some detail into the future lesson plans. However if I see no sign of independent practice after 2 consecutive weeks I will notify you.

Sandringham St
Sans Souci, NSW
Also travelling in the local area
0416 681 570

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Details last updated on October 20, 2016