Sarah Hundal

I have been playing piano and percussion since childhood, accompanying my school musical at age 15. I achieved honours in most of my piano and theory exams, and currently play classical repertoire at grade eight/AmusA standard. I also enjoy entertaining people with adaptations of popular music and musicals.

Due to my high academic and musical standard, I began teaching as a voluntary peer tutor at a very young age and started a small tutoring business teaching English and piano while studying at university.

I completed a Bachelor of Speech Pathology at age 21 and subsequently worked for the Queensland government and in private practice.

During my early speech pathology career I worked successfully in education, community, and health settings, for the benefit of adults and children with communication or swallowing difficulties. I was able to apply a high level of communication, diagnostic and analytical skills as well as creative innovation and extensive knowledge. I ceased professional practice in 2010.

I recommenced my own piano tutoring business in 2007 and have undergone significant personal and professional development. This includes overseas travel/cultural immersion, independent study across disciplines, and undertaking advanced level piano lessons.

In 2019 I had the privilege of playing percussion in a community concert band at the National Band Championships, and performing works by Shostakovich, Copland and Bernstein as a percussionist in a community symphony orchestra. I performed solo works by Hayden, Liszt, and Brahms, on piano and percussion.

For extra fun I have been singing in a community choir and composing arrangements of some favourite tunes from popular culture.

I know some basic Punjabi and Hindi and know a few signs and finger spelling. I am able to establish basic communication with someone of a different cultural background.

The lessons I offer are tailored to individual needs and cover all aspects of musical development. I am able to think outside the box to get you past any difficulties. At present I will only take on beginners as paying students.

I am also available for private relief teaching or one-off consultation regarding music students with special needs.

Previous and current students will be charged their original rate for two years.

In 2020 I am undergoing professional development in ANZCA examinations.

(My piano teaching services are not a replacement for speech pathology services. I am currently undergoing reentry into the speech pathology profession but will not practice or give professional opinions until fully registered. If speech therapy is required please contact your school, health or community service, GP, or find a private speech pathologist through Speech Pathology Australia.)

Gordon Park, QLD
Travelling in the local area
0470 581 203


Details last updated on November 19, 2020