Saxophone Academy Sydney

The Saxophone Academy Sydney aims at creating professional environments and exciting opportunities for saxophonists throughout Australia.
With a unique approach to music education focusing on special events where the education of saxophone can be done in a group environment the Saxophone Academy Sydney is helping to establish a community for both professionals and students.
The Academy is envied throughout the world and has had the privilege to present saxophonists such as: Philippe Geiss, Barry Cockcroft, Amy Dickson, Andy Scott, Michael Duke, Christina Leonard, James Nightingale, Niels Bijl, Adrian Tully, Tim Stocker, Fernando Ramos, Joan-Marti Frasquier, Simon Brew, Michael Jamieson.
The Academy also offers the opportunity for students to learn on a weekly basis in a one on one or group environment with internationally acclaimed educators Jay Byrnes, Carmen Nieves, Nathan Henshaw and others

Level 1
20 Hordern Place
Mosman, NSW
Also travelling in the local area
Contact Jay Byrnes
0405 242 940



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Details last updated on January 5, 2022