Scott Foley

  • Bachelor of Music
  • Certificate in Music Studies
  • Master of Teaching (Music)
  • Registered Teacher (QCT)

Scott Foley is a Brisbane based performer and educator, specialising in Woodwind, Voice, Piano, Violin and Guitar. From the young age of 9, Scott has been expanding his skill-base over a variety of instruments and genres, which has given him the ability to talk about, and perform confidently in any musical setting.
Since making the move from small country town Blackwater, Scott has been regularly performing around the Brisbane scene, singing alongside the Queensland Symphony Orchestra with the Australian Voices ensemble, Touring with the Queensland Youth Orchestras, and in local notable venues such as Doo-Bop Jazz Bar and Brisbane Jazz club.
Throughout this time, Scott has also achieved his Certificate in Music Studies from the Queensland Conservatorium, Griffith university and his Bachelor of Music from the internationally renowned Jazz Music Institute.
Through work experiences these courses offered, Scott developed a passion for educating both instrumental music, and music theory. In light of this, Scott has undertaken his Master of Teaching (Instrumental Music/Classroom Music) through Griffith University, to further his educational skillset to ensure the very best outcome for all of his students.

Brisbane, QLD
Travelling in the local area
0459 393 545


Details last updated on May 31, 2020